M1 With Milk PS
Model No : M1
Manufacturer: La Cimbali
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Compact superautomatic espresso and cappuccino machine.
Equipped with the patented Smart Boiler technology, which significantly boosts steam and hot water
capacity (approx. +30%).
Cappuccino System for one-step cappuccino and latte, equipped with the exclusive Milk Precision System
(MilkPS), thanks to which you can: obtain a consistent in-the cup milk dose; customize milk temperature
for each selection (patent pending); prepare stratified beverages; place the fridge under the counter.

- 1 steam wand.
- 1 hot water wand (dosed delivery)
- Water by-pass, a special device to deliver well-balanced in taste and aroma long coffee.
Drink selections ("2x" thanks to the Shift push button) 2x8
Hot water selection 1
Steam wands 1
Hot water wands 1
Cappuccino System with MilkPS yes
Group diameter (mm) 44
Smart boiler technology yes
Boilers 1
Boiler capacity (litres) 2.5
Grinder-dosers 2
Hoppers 2
Hopper capacity (kg) 2x0.6
Width (mm) 350
Depth (mm) 620
Height (mm) 760
Weight (kg) 54
Power at 380-415V3N ~ 50Hz (W) 3100-3600
- Cappuccino system (in place of the left steam wand)
- Computer interface kit (parallel connection)
- Card reader kit
- Multicards for accountancy kit (1+1+12)
- Front panel light and customization kit
Recommended Daily Output
150 CUPS
200 Espresso cups/h
190 Cappuccino (150 cc) cups/h
100 Cappuccino (12 oz) cups/h
80 Cappuccino (16 oz) cups/h
33 Water (500 cc) l/h
29 Standard steam (500 cc) l/h
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