Bestmax Cartridges
Manufacturer: BWT
Filter capacity by size (in U.S. Gallons and Liters):
S-376 gal./1,425 L.
V-943 gal./3,570 L.
M-1,433 gal./5,425 L.
L-1,962 gal./7,425 L.
XL-2,565 gal./9,710 L.
2XL-4,529 gal./17.143 L.

Each filter must be replaced after the listed water capacity has been run through it or 1 year from the first day of usage. Measurements are based on an average water hardness of 7 GPG with the bypass setting to level 3. Actually results will vary between +/- 5% depending on your specific water hardness and your bypass setting. (The bypass setting is a user adjustable setting on the filterhead and changes the filter mode for different water types)
Bestmax filter cartridges offer top technology for the compact class of coffee machines, vending machines, combi steamers/ovens and ice cube machines. But they also bring a huge increase in quality to normal drinking water in a carafe. Particle-free and odourless, the water tastes excellent — the ideal ingredient for meals and drinks, and a safe bet for aromatic coffee specialities.

Using our interactive filter animation, you can discover how standard drinking water can be optimally prepared.
Top technology
4-level filtration
Including filtration of the bypass water
Consistent water quality
Horizontal and vertical installation possible
Connection technology
Quick filter change, simple disposable system
Direct, one-off bypass setting on the filter head
Automatic shut-off valve for changing the filter
Pivoting wall bracket
With variable bypass for coffee machines with steam generation
– in six capacities from 500 to 6000
litre throughput
With optimal bypass for vending machines and table-top equipment without steam generation – in six capacities from 600 to 7500 litre throughput
And the perfect solution for pure steam as a cooking medium in combi steamers and ovens – in six capacities from 410 to 5000 litre throughput

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