Mitica Top WITH PID
Model No : Bezzera Mitica Top WITH PID
Manufacturer: Bezzera
The Mitica is one of Bezzera's top home espresso machines. The "Top" version features a rotary pump, along with the choice to connect to a direct water line or water tank that is located in the back. Both options are extremely easy to swap between.

The Mitica uses an E61 group head which helps pull unbelievably smooth espresso shots.

To download a spec sheet with additional information please copy the below link to visit Bezzera's site:
Size Mitica Top WITH PID

For unbelievably smooth espresso in a few seconds, simply pull the lever up to engage the brew cycle. When the desired amount has been brewed, pull the lever back down to complete the cycle.

The “Top” version is equipped with PID, a mechanism within the machine that is continuously calculating influxes in heat in order to provide stable and customizable temperature. PID provides the perfect partner for the espresso enthusiast by providing the customizable temperature to pull peak flavors from specialty roasts.

*Single spout portafilter
*Double spout portafilter
*Single basket
*Double basket
*Blind disk
*Plastic tamper
*Plastic measuring scoop
*Cleaning brush
*Instruction manual
Tank: 4 liters/ 1 gallon
Boiler 2 liters/ .5 gallon
Width: 320mm
Depth: 450mm
Height: 400mm
Net weight: 27kg / 60lb

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