Model No : Bezzera Strega Top
Manufacturer: Bezzera
Strega model combines the modern features of a coffee machine of the twenty-first century, with the traditional lever system that guarantees optimal extraction of coffee flavours, delivering creamy espresso following the italian espresso tradition.

The "Top" version of the Strega features the ability to connect the machine to a direct water line OR use the provided water tank located in the back. It is incredibly simple to swap between both, as needed.

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Size Bezzera Strega Top

A machine for the true Espresso Enthusiastic!

Bezzera's Strega is a nod to classic lever style machines by using a pull lever that locks into place when pulled down. During the few seconds of timed calibration, the vibration pump fills the lever group with water that causes a pre-infusion process. After a few seconds give the lever a gentle push upwards and the lever, on it's own, will return slowly to it's original upright position. Simply put, the pressure provided by the inner chamber springs will brew the espresso. Practice makes perfect with this machine, but mastery of it will lead to extremely smooth shots!
Tank: 4 liters/ 1 gallon
Boiler 2 liters/ .5 gallon
Width: 330mm
Depth: 450mm
Height: 710mm
Net weight: 30kg / 66lb

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