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Grinder Comparison Guide

Your espresso grinder is the single most important part of your entire coffee bar set up. Even if you splurge for the best uber-machine that costs absurd amounts of money, it will never make a great espresso if you have a sub-par and poorly calibrated grinder. To help with selecting the perfect grinder, we put together a list of our most popular models and their stand our features/specifications.

Feature BB005 MN BB005 TM BB004 E5P E6P E5SD Mini Doser  Mini Electronic A
Burr Type Conical Conical Flat Flat Flat Flat Flat Flat
Burr Size 48mm 48mm 50mm 64mm 64mm 64mm Antioxidant 58mm 64mm
Motor Power 130w 130w 100w 300w 300w 300w 250w 250w
Stepless Adjustment
RPM 900 900 1340 1380 1380 1380 1400 1400
Hopper Size  250g 250g 250g 600g 600g N/A 320g 320g
On Demand Dosing  
Programable Dosing
Lever Dosing
Hands free Portafilter Holder 


If you do not see the grinder you were looking for listed above or would like more information, click here to contact us and to talk to a Pasquini solutions expert

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