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Machine Comparison Guide

With nearly endless choices from hundreds of brands, picking the perfect espresso machine can seem impossible. Using our chart below, we have put together a list of the most popular and sought after features so you can decide which machine best fits your needs. With our extensive line of home machines, we are certain we have the perfect companion for every type of home barista.

Feature Hobby Crema MN PID Crema DE PID Magica MN PID  Strega  Duo MN Duo DE Matrix MN Matrix DE  Linea MIni GS3 AV GS3 MP
PID Temp Control
Volumetric Programming
Touchscreen Controls
Auto On-Off Timer
Automatic Backflushing 
Cold Touch Steam Wand
 Programmable Pre-Infusion
Shot Timer
RGB Lighting 
Dual Boiler 
Heat Exchanger
Single Boiler
Waterline Compatible
Reservoir Compatible 
Rotary Pump
Vibration Pump 
E61 Group
Lever Group 
Saturated Group
Electronically Heated Group
Mechanical Paddle
Hot Water Spout

If you cannot find the machine or feature you are looking for, click here to discuss with one of our Pasquini Solutions Experts and we will guide you to your perfect machine. 

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