Caffe Bio

SKU: 3730020
Caffe Bio

Caffe Bio

SKU: 3730020
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Grown without the use of any commercial pesticides or chemical fertilizers, Caffe Bio is coffee in its most natural form. Using 100% Arabica coffee beans, Caffe Bio has an overall sweet aroma with delicate floral notes and a smooth finish with just a hint of acidity.

Note: Some of you may have noticed that Tazza D'Oro is missing from our item list. Tazza D'Oro and Caffe Bio are actually the exact same coffee with the only difference being the final step of organic certification which is missing from the Tazza D'Oro. In order to simply our coffee line and promote organically grown and processed coffee, we have fully committed to the Caffe Bio.

Flavor/Roast Profile

  • Tasting Notes

    Light and smooth

    Sweet floral aroma

    Thick yet delicate crema

    Mild acidity

    Honey and nectar

  • Organic Certification

    Caffe Bio is EU Organic Agriculture Certified (IT-BIO-015) and meets all specifications and organic requirements set by this regulatory body.

  • Arabica / Robusta Mix

    88% Arabica

    12% Robusta

  • Roast Level

    Medium-Dark, Italian Style

  • Caffeine Level

    Low caffeine (2/5)

  • Recommended Brew Temp



  • Bag Size
  • Packaging Method
    Nitrogen Flush
  • Coffee Type
    Whole Bean