Brazil Single Origin


Brazil Single Origin

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100% Brazilian coffee from Portioli's Pure Coffee line. 


100% Washed Arabica

Santos Arabica Natural 

Fine Cup delegated coffee from Alta Mogiana and Cerrado

Grown in altitude of 1000-1200m

Tasting Notes:

Marked honey sweetness

Light and balanced acidity

Aromas of white chocolate, vanilla, and toasted bread 


Comes in a 1.1lb (500g) nitrogen sealed bag.

Don't Own a Grinder? 

No problem, using our precise commercial grade grinders, we have a variety of grind options sure to fit your specific brewing method. Make sure to select your grind setting of choice in the drop down menu. 

If you have any questions on this or another coffee, please click here to contact us and a Pasquini Solutions Expert will assist you. 

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