Atom 65

SKU: GRN724H1260
Atom 65
Atom 65
Atom 65
Atom 65
Atom 65
Atom 65

Atom 65

SKU: GRN724H1260
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If you are look for a near silent grinder than wont wake up the entire house when making espresso then look no further. With its silent technology and sound dampening motor mounts, the Atom is a truly quiet grinder. Along with its low noise output, the 65mm burrs and its high efficiency motor provide perfect and consistent grinding for even the most astute home barista. 

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Stand Out Features 

  • Silent Technology - With an insulted chassis and noise dampening mounts, the Atom 65 cuts down on harsh noises and vibrations. 
  • Stepless adjustment - Using the easy to reach dial on the front of the grinder, the Atom 65 has infinite adjustability with no preset notches or indents allowing for perfect calibration.
  • On demand dosing - The Atom 65 features a hands free on demand grind system which doses the espresso directly into the portafilter. 
  • Programable dosing - With two programable dose settings that are customizable to 5/100ths of a second, and a manual override option, the Atom 65 is the perfect pairing for automatic and manual espresso machines alike. 
  • LED Screen - Using a bright LED screen, the Atom allows for quick and easy setting changes and timing read outs. 
  • Barista Light - Equipped with an LED, the Atom shines onto your portafilter so you can perfectly monitor your shot dosing and grind consistency. 

Full Specifications and Feature List

Technical Specs
Stepless grind adjustment  Height - 17.25in
Easy Adjust Grind Settings Width - 7.08in 
On demand grinding  Depth - 8.93in
Silent technology  Weight - 20.9lbs
Hands free portafilter holder Bean Hopper Size - 10.5oz (300g)
Compact form factor Burr Size - 65mm
Clean grind spray  Burr Type - Flat 
Sleek Modern Design 
Grinding Speed - 2.7g/sec-3.7g/sec
Programable dosing control  RPM - 1310
Low Grind Retention  Voltage - 110-120v/50-60hz
Espresso Grind Capable Power - 350W
Manual Brew Grind Capable Amps - 3.3amps
Custom Fit Grounds Catch 
Barista Lights 

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