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SKU: 703688
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Mahlkönig is a brand often referred to as "The King of Grinders" and for good reason. Mahlkönig makes some of the best grinders in the world with unrivaled durability, technology, and consistency. With the X54, you can finally own a Mahlkönig designed specially for the needs of the home barista. A true all rounder, the X54 comes with all the attachments needed for espresso and pour over brewing along with a large adjustment range suitable for any grind style. 

All grinders are tested with coffee prior to shipping to ensure proper functionality and consistency. Coffee grounds may be present upon unboxing. 

    The Pasquini Difference

    When you purchase a machine from Pasquini Coffee Co., you are not just getting an espresso machine, you are receiving 60+ years of industry leading service and support. Check out our "Pro Tips" section of our site to see all of our comprehensive articles and videos that will make you a pro in no time. 

    Stand Out Features 

    • Low Retention - With a small coffee shoot and a precision sweeper, the X54 has low retention to minimize purging when switching between grind settings. 
    • Compact size - At less than 17in tall, the X54 brings the tech from the infamous E65S but in a package that'll fit under most US countertops. 
    • Quickset Adjuster - The large adjustment dial on the X54 gives the ability to quickly set your desired grind with a massive range that can easily handle everything from espresso to pour over. 
    • LED Display - The bright LED display on the X54 gives at a glance control to your shot timer and programed settings. 
    • Programmable Dosing - With up to 4 programmable shot timers, the X54 can be set to a wide variety of extractions further bolstering its all-round performance. 
    • Multiple Colors - Available in black or chrome, the X54 can match a wide variety of machines and coffee bar designs. 
    • Efficient Motor - Mahlkönig has always been able to do more with less and the efficiently designed 120W motor performs as well as larger motors while using less power and being rated for over 25,000 shots!
    • Dual Grind Holders - As the X54 was designed to be a multipurpose grinder, it comes with both a hands free portafilter holder and grinds cup in the box. 

    Full Specifications and Feature List

    Technical Specs
    Four Programmable Dose Settings
    Height - 16.73in
    Quick Adjust Dial
    Width - 7.48in 
    On demand grinding  Depth - 11.02in
    Hands free Portafilter Holder Weight - 11.2lbs
    Grinds Cup Holder  Bean Hopper Size - 1.1lbs (500g)
    Compact form factor Burr Size - 54mm
    Clean grind spray  Burr Type - Flat 
    Sleek Modern Design 
    Grinding Speed - 1g/sec-2.8g/sec
    Black or Chrome Color Options
    RPM - 1050
    Bright LED Display 
    Voltage - 110-120v/50-60hz
    Espresso Grind Capable Power - 120W
    Manual Brew Grind Capable Amps - 1.2amps

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