Barista Perfetta Plus Barista Perfetta Plus Barista Perfetta Plus Barista Perfetta Plus Barista Perfetta Plus Barista Perfetta Plus
  • Barista Perfetta Plus
  • Barista Perfetta Plus
  • Barista Perfetta Plus
  • Barista Perfetta Plus
  • Barista Perfetta Plus
  • Barista Perfetta Plus


Barista Perfetta Plus

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Product Information


Great quality espresso doesn't have to cost a fortune and the Barista Perfetta Plus from Solis makes a great starting point for any new barista. Compact and feature packed, the Barista Perfetta Plus offers more functionality and performance than machines costing nearly three times as much.  With a brew pressure gauge, programable shot counters, and three stage thermostat, the Barista Perfetta Plus from Solis makes excellent quality espresso and is perfect for new baristas looking to start their coffee career or even experienced baristas that need to save on counterspace. 

The Pasquini Difference

When you purchase a machine from Pasquini Coffee Co., you are not just getting an espresso machine, you are receiving 60+ years of industry leading service and support. Check out our "Pro Tips" section of our site to see all of our comprehensive articles and videos that will make you a pro in no time.

Stand Out Features

  • Fast Heat Up - Due to its high powered thermoblock system, the Barista Perfetta Plus heats up in just 40 seconds. 
  • Compact Size - At just under 7 and a half inches wide, the Solis Barista Perfetta Plus is more compact than most dedicated burr grinders.
  • Standard Filter Baskets - For proper espresso extraction with a quality burr grinder, Solis includes professional filter baskets instead of only including pressurized baskets like many other economy machines. 
  • Brew Pressure Gauge - Often missing on $1500+ machines, the Barista Perfetta Plus has a center mounted brew pressure gauge to ensure you are extracting at that perfect 9 bar pressure. 
  • Programable Shot Timer - Another luxury feature missing form certain $5000+ machines is the programable shot timer which lets you save up to two different shot times for perfect repeatability.
  • Three Position Thermostat - The theme above continues with three selectable brew temperatures in order to get the most flavor for any roast style.
  • Insulated Steam wand - The insulated cold touch steam wand reduces heat transfer to prevent burning from extended steaming sessions. 
  • Power-save Mode - Given its extremely quick heat up time, Solis enabled a powersave mode that will turn off the heaters upon inactivity to save power. 

Inside The Box

  • 1 x Double spouted portafilter
  • 1 x Double filter basket
  • 1 x Single filter basket
  • 1 x E.S.E. Pod filter basket (recommended for our upcoming Portioli Pods!)
  • 1 x Pressurized single filter basket (recommended for pre-ground coffee only) 
  • 1 x Pressurized double filter basket (recommended for pre-ground coffee only) 
  • 1 x Backflush cleaning disk 
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x 53mm aluminum tamper
  • 1 x 12 oz Frothing Pitcher
  • 1 x Dual sided cleaning pick 
  • 1 x Espresso measuring scoop 

    Full Specifications and Feature List

    Technical Specs
    Quick 40 Second Warm Up Time Height - 12.6in
    Stainless Steel or Black Color Option
    Width - 7.4in
    Cold Touch Insulated Steam Wand  Depth - 14.6in
    Three Position Temperature Control  Weight - 12.6lbs
    Brew Pressure Gauge Reservoir - 1.7 Liters 
    Professional Quality Portafilter
    Boiler - Multi-Position Thermoblock
    Programable Shot Counter
    Voltage - 110-120v/50-60hz
    Removable Reservoir Power - 1550 watts
    Large Catch Tray w/ Fill Indicator
    Amps - 13
    Included Stainless Steel Tamper Portafilter Size - 54mm
    Vibration Pump 
    Compact Size

    Included E.S.E. Pod Adapter 
    Economy Auto-Off Functionality 

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