Espresso One Group

SKU: 1903220
Espresso One Group
Espresso One Group
Espresso One Group
Espresso One Group
Espresso One Group
Espresso One Group
Espresso One Group
Espresso One Group
Espresso One Group
Espresso One Group
Espresso One Group

Espresso One Group

SKU: 1903220
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Includes our Prima Services

Exclusive to our Southern California (LA County) customers, this trio of complementary services is included with select, ultra-premium espresso machines. From personal delivery to warranty service, our expert staff will take care of everything, in the comfort of your home.

In-Home Installation + Calibration

After hand-delivering your new espresso machine, one of our certified field technicians will unbox, install, and calibrate it, so that it's ready to use and performs as the manufacturer intended.

In-Home Barista Training

To ensure you're pulling great shots out of your new espresso machine from day one, our expert staff will provide hands-on barista training for you and your family in the comfort of your home.

In-Home Warranty Repairs

If your espresso machine requires a warranty repair, there's no need to visit our service center. One of our certified field technicians will come to your home and repair your machine while you wait.


The best home machine in the world. Period. The Slayer Espresso One Group flips the script on espresso extraction and tosses old standards out the window for something better. With its saturated grouphead and needle valve technology, Slayer came up with their flavor profiling shot extraction. Through flavor profiling, you are able to experiment with an ultra fine grind and 40-60 second shot extraction times that yield a truly world defining espresso. 

Key Features

  • Fully Customizable

    While the Slayer looks great in the stock Matte Black and European ash finish, it looks even better when it is fully customized to match your desired aesthetic. In our showroom we have wood sample kits and color swatches so you can create your perfect dream espresso machine. (please email for more information on custom ordering and lead time)

  • Flavor Profiling (a.k.a the needle valve)

    The secret to Slayer's game changing espresso shot is their needle valve technology which allows the use of extra fine coffee for maximum surface area to yield exceptional shots.  Unlike normal pressure profiling, the needle valve always maintains 9-bar pressure while manipulating the brewing orifical. This method allows for 30-45 seconds of pre-brew to release every flavor of the coffee and produce a thick syrupy shot that is unlike any other machine on the market. 

  • Saturated Boiler

    With a fully saturated dual boiler system, the brewing temperature on the Slayer is impeccably consistent for repeatable shots day in and day out. 

  • Touch Screen UI

    Using the integrated touch screen, you can control features such as brew temp, auto on/off timers, pre-brew timer, and even automatic backflushing. 

  • Water Line Only

    They Slayer Espresso one group is only available with direct water connection and must have an incoming water source. We highly recommend pairing the machine with a dedicated water softener such as the Vivreau Purity C Quell ST

  • Consistency and Repeatability

    Most pressure profiling machines rely on a mechanical paddle to manipulate brew pressure which makes replicating shots nearly impossible as moving the paddle just a hair too much can affect the shot. The Slayer by contrast uses a two position paddle so once your shot is dialed in, you can set the timers and get the same perfect shot every single time. 

  • Stainless Steel Boilers

    Welded in the USA, the Slayer Espresso uses high grade stainless steel boilers for both steam and espresso and metal/copper pipes throughout, there are no plastic water lines to be found inside of this machine. 


  • Portafilter Size
  • Coffee Boiler Volume
  • Steam Boiler Volume
  • Voltage
    110-120V @ 50-60Hz
  • Power
  • Current Draw
  • Height
    14.50" (top of brew paddle)
  • Width
  • Depth
    23.00" (17.5in foot to foot)
  • Weight

In the Box

  • Bottomless portafilter w/ European Ash handle
  • 18-20g Slayer Espresso IMS filter basket
  • Bottle of Slayer backflush detergent
  • Backflush cleaning disk

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