Espresso One Group - Orange

Espresso One Group - Orange
Espresso One Group - Orange

Espresso One Group - Orange

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Includes our Prima Services

Exclusive to our Southern California customers, this trio of complementary services is included with select, ultra-premium espresso machines. From personal delivery to warranty service, our expert staff will take care of everything, in the comfort of your home.

In-Home Installation + Calibration

After hand-delivering your new espresso machine, one of our certified field technicians will unbox, install, and calibrate it, so that it's ready to use and performs as the manufacturer intended.

In-Home Barista Training

To ensure you're pulling great shots out of your new espresso machine from day one, our expert staff will provide hands-on barista training for you and your family in the comfort of your home.

In-Home Warranty Repairs

If your espresso machine requires a warranty repair, there's no need to visit our service center. One of our certified field technicians will come to your home and repair your machine while you wait.


The best home machine in the world. Period. The Slayer Espresso One Group flips the script on espresso extraction and tosses old standards out the window for something better. With its saturated grouphead and needle valve technology, Slayer came up with their flavor profiling shot extraction. Through flavor profiling, you are able to experiment with ultra fine grind and 40-60 second shot extraction times that yield an end result that is unrivaled in the espresso machine world. 

Machine Color and Exterior*:

  • Sides and rear body panels - Orange
  • Wood accessories - European Ash 
  • "X-Legs" - Silver Metallic Gloss 
  • Face plate and front cover - Brushed Stainless
  • Group cap and drain tray - Polished Stainless 
  • Side accent caps/circles - Stainless Steel 

*Images shown are a representation only and actual colors and appearance will be different in real life. 

Lead Time

Available in 1-2 weeks from date of purchase. (Subject to availability, limited models avialble) 

The Pasquini Difference

When you purchase a machine from Pasquini Coffee Co., you are not just getting an espresso machine, you are receiving 60+ years of industry leading service and support. Check out our "Pro Tips" section of our site to see all of our comprehensive articles and videos that will make you a pro in no time. 

Stand Out Features

  • Commercial Grade - Just because it is small enough to fit into a home does not mean it is a home machine. The Slayer Espresso One group is the single group head version of full sized Espresso 2 and 3 group machines. As a result it is a proper commercial grade espresso machine with NSF compliance and built with commercial grade components throughout. 
  • Needle Valve - Slayers proprietary needle valve technology maintains a steady 9 bar pressure while changing the brew orifice to control the flavor Profile. 
  • Flavor Profiling - Flavor profiling is Slayers patented extraction method used to achieve the worlds best espresso extraction. For more details on Flavor Profiling, scroll down. 
  • Unlimited Customization - From matte black everything, neon pink, and  everything in between,  Pasquini Coffee Co. encourages full color customization to ensure that your machine not only makes the best espresso, but also looks the part and becomes the showpiece of your café or kitchen. 
  • Intuitive Touch Interface - Slayer's intuitive touch control system allows for easy access and manipulation of all key features of the espresso machine. 
  • Stainless Steel Dual Boiler - The Slayer Espresso One Group has full stainless steel dual boiler technology with a saturated group and PID temp control for perfect thermal stability. 
  • Direct Water Line - Without having to accommodate a water reservoir, the direct waterline system allows the Slayer Espresso to utilize the entire machine size for espresso extraction and optimization without compromise. 

Flavor Profiling Explained 

Flavor profiling is Slayer's unique and mold-breaking approach to brewing the perfect espresso through the use of their proprietary needle valve technology. By means of the ergonomic grouphead actuator, you control the size of the brewing orifice and flow rate, allowing you to slow down, speed up or suspend altogether the brewing process, while maintaining the optimal 9 Bar extraction pressure throughout the shot. This allows for a finer grind, longer, more thorough extraction and the production of flavors and aromatics not achievable by traditional espresso brew methods. Experience espresso in freestyle, by your hand and experience the most from your coffee that others will miss.

Service and Aftersales Support

Due to the complexity and maintenance standards for these machines, Pasquini Coffee Co. will only sell Slayers to customers that are located in our service and coverage areas. This is to ensure that we are able to provide the proper support and maintenance that lives up to our exacting standards and the standards put on us s an authorized Slayer dealer and service center. If you wish to purchase a Slayer but you are not in our coverage area, we will work with you to find a Slayer dealer in your area. 

Real Life Taste Test

Does this all sound too good to be true, can one machine really be that much better than any other machine out there? We asked ourselves the same question when approached by Slayer to distribute their machines. However, after using the machines in person and comparing them to our personal favorites, we were blown away by how true all those claims really are. If you would like to set up a tasting demo to experience first hand a side by side taste comparison, email and we can arrange a demo/tasting appointment for the Slayer Espresso One Group. 

Features  Technical Specifications
Flavor Profiling Weight - 110lbs (49.9 kilograms)
Dual Boiler Height - 14.5in (to top of brew paddle)
PID Temperature Control  Width - 18.5in (17.17 foot to foot)
Needle Valve Technology Depth - 23in  (17.5 foot to foot)
Custom Color Options Voltage - 110v
Intuitive Touch Interface  Power - 1900 Watts 
Direct Waterline  Amps - 15amps 
Boiler Pressure Gauge  Steam Boiler Power - 1300 watts
Customizable Wood Accents  Coffee Boiler Power - 600 watts 
Commercial Grade Construction  Steam Boiler Size - 3.3 Liters 
Internal Rotary Pump  Coffee Boiler Size - 1.1 Liters 
Shot Mirror Filter Basket Size - 58mm
Hot Water Dispenser 
Nonotech Precision Shower Screen 
Ergonomic Actuator Paddle 


If you have any questions on this or another machine, please contact us by clicking here, and a Pasquini Coffee Co. solutions expert will assist you with your new machine adventure!

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