Group Gasket Shim


Group Gasket Shim

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This shim is compatible with Bezzera, Pasquini, La Cimbali, Faema, and any E61 grouphead espresso machine. Shims are recommended for for any applicable machine that is 5 or more years of age. Shims are thin spacers that get inserted above the group gasket and lower the gasket height to compensate for wear and tear on the grouphead and portafilter. A max of two shims should be used at a time and if two shims still results in a loose feeling portafilter, a new portafilter or grouphead should be purchased. On average a machine will need 1 shim for every 5 years of age and new portafilters after every 10 (results may vary depending on actual use of machine). Please click on the link below and a professional technician will assist you. 

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