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Here at Pasquini's we pride ourselves on QUALITY.
Our philosophy…

"We'd rather explain the price of quality than apologize for something less."

We treat our customers as we treat our best friends, which explains why we've had customers for decades.

We have decided to take the high road when it comes to the Quality of our products.
We have traveled the world and sought the best!
Whether its espresso machines, coffees, cups, teas, etc.
You will get nothing but the best when purchasing from Pasquini.

Some have tried to convince us to use plastic pieces in our espresso machines in order to increase our profit margins.
We refuse to cheapen the quality of the products. We utilize only the finest materials and superior workmanship
in the manufacturing of our equipment.
We believe that our customers deserve the best. Because they are the best!
Pasquini Espresso Company only sells to the continental US online,
for purchases outside of the continents US, please e-mail us pasquini@pasquini.com