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Pasquini Personalized Coffee Labels
Manufacturer: Pasquini
Read below for details and instructions.

Pasquini Espresso is now offering custom coffee labels! You can now choose any of our coffee blends from the above drop down menu and personalize the label to have any message you would like.

In order to make your personalized massage, you can choose from the following options.

Color: The custom message is available in Black, Red, Blue, or Green (only one color can be used per label)
Message Size: Your message can be between 1 and 5 lines (text will get smaller as more lines are added)
Shapes: Basic shapes can be added to your message such as hearts, smiley faces, flowers, etc. Due to the style of printer, fine detail is not possible and therefore complex shapes cannot be printed, however, basic shapes and outlines can be printed.

After you make your decision, please e-mail with your online order number and the message you would like to include on each label. To indicate text, use quotation marks "" To indicate a picture/image use parenthesis ()

Line 1: "I"
Line 2: (heart picture)
Line 3: "Coffee"
Custom Message
(255 max)

Please type your message in the box above.
To be used for custom coffee labels
* This item has been discontinued.
Pasquini Espresso Company only sells to the continental US online,
for purchases outside of the continents US, please e-mail us