Duo Automatic


Duo Automatic

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Stainless Steel
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**New from Bezzera!**

These machines are currently only available for pick up in the Los Angeles area. For purchase or quote on drop-shipping outside of the Los Angeles area, please contact us. 

The highest level of innovation best represented on a home espresso machine unit. All the convenience of the latest technology with the reliability of a traditional espresso machine. 

The sister machine to Bezzera's Matrix. The Duo brings all the amenities of the Matrix encases in a fully stainless steel body.  

The automatic Duo provides four volumetric programming settings and a manual brew button for customizable dosing. The dual boiler system allows for continuous brewing and streaming capabilities. Like many of Bezzera's machines, this will come with the ability to use the reservoir or the direct water line. Additionally, this machine has the ability to plumb the catch tray with a grey water line to self-drain.  


Additional key features: 

  • Automatic daily on/off setting
  • Settable pre-infusion
  • Automatic backflush program
  • Water filter alarm and maintenance cycles
  • Selection of the water source 
  • Water heater priority setting

Technical Specifications

Boilers: 2
Steam Wand: 1
Hot Water Dispenser: 1
Reservoir: Yes
Direct Water Line: Yes
Grey (Waster) Water Line: Yes
Display Touch Screen: Yes
RGB Body Panels: No
Volumetric Programming: Yes
Manual Brew Button: Yes
PID Temperature Controllers: 3
Digital Bar Pressure Gauge: Yes
Digital Boiler Pressure Gauge: Yes
Warming Trays: 1
Portafilter 58mm: 2

Technical Data

Power Supply: 110v
Width: 12.83 inch
Depth: 18.50 inch
Height: 16.73 inch
Net Weight: 67 lbs
Gross Weight: 73 lbs
Amps 1400 watts
Water Tank Capacity: 4.0 L
Coffee Boiler Capacity: 0.45 lt
Steam Boiler Capacity: 1.5 lt

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