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Bestmax Premium

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The Bestmax Premium is designed specifically for espresso machines and other steam generating appliances and will make even the most calcified and terrible of tap water perfect for your machine. With its patented Mg2 technology, the BWT Bestmax Premium softens the incoming water source and re -introduces beneficial minerals in order to preserve the taste and benefits of mineral water. The Bestmax Premium has a sophisticated taste and odor filters to ensure other contaminates along with scaling never make it inside your machine or in your body. 


  • Full NSF Certification 
  • 5-Stage Filtration System
  • Protection from particles 
  • Chlorine Removal
  • Lime Scale Protection 
  • Protection Against Gypsum
  • Mg2+ Technology 

Stainless Steel Warning

The BWT Bestmax Premium is not designed to prevent stainless steel corrosion. If your espresso machine has stainless steel boilers, please see the BWT Bestprotect for filtration specifically engineered for stainless steel. 


The BWT Bestmax Premium is only compatible with the BWT Besthead or Besthead Flex. The Bestmax Premium is offered in 5 sizes, see our chart below to pick the best size for your needs.

Size  Avg. Filter Capacity Height w/ Besthead Flex 
S 198 Gallons 15.15 in
3.46 in 
V 594 Gallons 17.52in 4.33 in
M 891 Gallons 19.69 in  5.12 in 
XL 1135 Gallons 20.75 in  5.79 in 
XXL 1849 Gallons 23.62 in  7.36 in 


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