BZ/Pasquini Grouphead Complete w/ Spacer


BZ/Pasquini Grouphead Complete w/ Spacer

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Complete Grouphead Assembly and Spacer. Fits most machines listed below:

Pasquini Livia 90

Kit includes the below parts:

Grouphead #5280502TW-AL

Grouphead Spacer #5222231R

Showerscreen and Screw #7817001/5470501

Group Gasket #7496097

Showerhead #5285501AL

Bell O-Ring #7496004

Some machines listed above have multiple variants that may or may not be compatible with the part listed.

If you are unsure on a parts compatibility with your machine, click here to e-mail a Pasquini solutions expert!

For best assistance, include the Make, Model, and Serial Number if possible.