Crema DE PID - BIT Edition (Pre-Loved)

Crema DE PID - BIT Edition (Pre-Loved)
Crema DE PID - BIT Edition (Pre-Loved)

Crema DE PID - BIT Edition (Pre-Loved)

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Pasquini Pre-Loved espresso machines are fully serviced and rebuilt by our professional technicians and come with a 1 year warranty. Pre-loved machines are used and may have minor cosmetic blemishes from regular use but are free of any mechanical defects or severe cosmetic defects. For additional information please contact us


Espresso machines don't have to break the bank or your countertops. The Bezzera Crema DE PID is the ultimate compact prosumer espresso machine and provides the most comprehensive feature set in its class. Wrapped in a gorgeous stainless steel body and fitted with natural rosewood accessories, the Bezzera Crema is the perfect kitchen companion.

Key Features

  • BIT (Barista Improving Taste) Upgrade Kit

    The Crema BIT edition comes with a custom made stainless steel showerscreen that was designed in tandem with the BIT Seattle screen to provide improved waterflow, pressure dispersion, and durability compared to the stock showerhead and screen. The BIT edition also comes with a BIT tamper and your choice of Bob or Renato filter baskets.

  • Volumetric Programming

    Using a precision flowmeter, the Crema DE PID allows for two user customizable shot volumes along with full manual dosing when desired.

  • Electronically Heated Grouphead

    Compared to a traditional thermosiphon system (E61) the digitally controlled BZ group heats up more quickly (under 5 min), never overheats, and maintains better thermal stability.

  • PID Temperature Control

    Placed in an easy to reach location on the front of the machine, the PID controller gives you one touch access to precision temperature control.

  • Compact Form Factor

    Wrapped entirely in stainless steel, this sub 10in wide machine fits on nearly any countertop with plenty of room to spare for grinders and accessories.

  • Brew Pressure Gauge

    Easy to read brew pressure gauge to ensure optimal pressure with every shot.

  • BIT Renato

    Renato is specifically crafted to help with astringency and provide a sweeter and more balanced extraction reducing acidity even when brewing light roast or 100% Arabica coffee. 


  • Portafilter Size
  • Reservoir Volume
  • Drain Tray Capacity
  • Boiler Volume
  • Voltage
    110-120V @ 50-60Hz
  • Power
  • Current Draw
  • Height
  • Height (W/ Low Height Feet)
  • Width
  • Depth
  • Weight

In the Box

  • Bottomless rosewood portafilter
  • Pasquini/BZ Pro Shower Screen Kit - by BIT (preinstalled)
  • BIT Renato precision filter basket set (90+, 16g, 18g, and 21g)
  • Pasquini branded stainless steel BIT tamper
  • Upgraded Universal Silicone Gasket
  • 7g ground coffee scoop
  • Cleaning brush
  • Drain pan funnel

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