Decerato (Dewaxed)

SKU: 3730105
Decerato (Dewaxed)
Decerato (Dewaxed)

Decerato (Dewaxed)

SKU: 3730105
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Coffee acidity causing you stomach problems? 

Carraro Decerato is here to help! Through research at their roasting facility, Carraro identified that one of the main culprits behind acid and stomach issues from coffee consumption was the small wax layer surrounding the coffee bean (cherry pit). This wax layer proved difficult to digest and once removed it made the resulting coffee much less acidic and easier for the body to process. Removing this wax layer does not impact the flavor so the end result is a delicious roast profile and a beautiful in the cup taste that is easier on digestion. 

Tasting Notes:

  • Light and smooth 
  • Sweet floral aroma
  • Thick yet delicate crema 
  • Nectar and honey notes
  • Pleasant and intense aftertaste 
  • Low to zero acidity thanks to the dewaxing process

Rainforest Alliance Certified:

The Rainforest Alliance is dedicated to preserving nature and working with farmers to ensure crops can be grown with zero detrimental impact to the surrounding wildlife and environment. Learn more about the Rainforest Alliance.


Comes in a 1.1lb (500g) nitrogen sealed bag.

Don't own a grinder? 

No problem! Carraro comes in a plethora of grind options to suit nearly any style of brewing/extraction. Choose from the drop down menu to select your perfect grind. 

If you have any questions on this or another coffee, please click here to contact us, or see our coffee comparison guide to help with selecting your new favorite!