Livia G4 MN

SKU: 7440039
Livia G4 MN
Livia G4 MN

Livia G4 MN

SKU: 7440039
Regular price $1,199.00

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Pasquini Pre-Loved espresso machines are fully serviced by our professional technicians and come with a 1 year warranty. Pre-loved machines are used and may have minor cosmetic blemishes from regular use but are free of any mechanical defects or severe cosmetic defects. For additional information or to request a photo, contact us.


The Pasquini Livia G4 MN  is a great machine for beginners and experts alike. With unrivaled build quality at this price point, the Pasquini Livia G4 MN delivers outstanding performance per dollar and is built to last a lifetime. 

Key Features

  • Pasquini Group Design

    Compared to the more common E61 grouphead, the Pasquini group is electronically heated which allows for a true 10 min heat up time vs. 30-45 minutes for an E61 group head to fully heat. Along with a faster heat up time, the Pasquini group has no moving parts and is more reliable and easier to repair than the E61 grouphead.  

  • Dual Pressure Gauge

    The large and easy to read dual pressure gauge gives a live read out of the brew pressure and boiler pressure to ensure you get the perfect shot.

  • Compact Form Factor

    Wrapped entirely in stainless steel, this sub 10in wide machine fits on nearly any countertop with plenty of room to spare for grinders and accessories.

  • Insulated Steam Wand

    The steam wand on the Pasquini Livia G4 MN is fully insulated and drastically reduces chances for burns.

  • Multiple Colors

    Avialable in stainless steel, red, white, or matte black to match any decor. (Note: only stainless steel has the Pasquini logo and slogan. Colored options are solid color)


  • Portafilter Size
  • Reservoir Volume
  • Drain Tray Capacity
  • Boiler Volume
  • Voltage
    110-120V @ 50-60Hz
  • Power
  • Current Draw
  • Height
  • Height (W/ Low Height Feet)
  • Width
  • Depth
  • Weight

In the Box

  • Double-spouted black plastic portafilter
  • Double filter basket
  • Single filter basket
  • Backflush cleaning disk
  • 58mm Pasquini tamper
  • Scoopz cleaning brush
  • BWT Bestsave S water softening pouch
  • 20oz bottle Cafiza cleaning powder 

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