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After 100+ years of building espresso machines, Bezzera has created a true timeless classic. Dating back to the origins of the term "pulling a shot" the Bezzera Strega successfully recreates the joy and simplicity of a lever actuated machine while adding modern convince touches compared to the original versions. 

The Pasquini Difference

When you purchase a machine from Pasquini Coffee Co., you are not just getting an espresso machine, you are receiving 60+ years of industry leading service and support. Check out our "Pro Tips" section of our site to see all of our comprehensive articles and videos that will make you a pro in no time. 

Stand Out Features

Spring operated lever group - The linear spring extraction mechanism in a lever machine creates a perfect espresso that even modern pump activated machines are still trying to replicate. 

Electronically heated grouphead - Using two powerful barrel heaters, the Strega actively heats the lever group for better thermal stability and constant shot temps. 

Silent operation - When the Strega is plumbed in to a water line, the natural water pressure is all that is needed to run the machine and the pump can be deactivated for completely silent operation. 

Commercial grade pressurestat - With virtually no electronic parts, Bezzera had extra space to use a full size commercial pressure stat for greater consistency and longevity. 

Purchase at your own risk - While it would seem counterintuitive to actively not recommend a machine, a lever actuated machine is recommend for enthusiasts only or someone who is familiar with the quirks of operating a lever actuated machine. 

Inside The Box 

  • 1 x Double portafilter complete
  • 1 x Single portafilter complete
  • 1 x Waterline plumbing kit
  • 1 x 58mm plastic tamper 
  • 1 x Stainless steel backflush cleaning disk 
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • Free Bonus Item

Full Specifications and Feature List

Technical Specifications
Lever actuated grouphead
Height - 16in 
Full Stainless Steel Construction Height of raised lever - 27.95 in 
Optional rosewood accents
Width - 12.99in
Cold Touch Insulated Steam Wand  Depth - 17.72in
Commercial grade pressurestat
Weight - 65lbs
Electronically Heated Grouphead Reservoir - 4 Liters 
Commercial Grade Grouphead Drain Tray Capacity - 0.5 Liters
Commercial Grade Portafilter Boiler - 2 Liters 
Boiler pressure gauge Amps - 13.5
Included waterline plumbing kit  Voltage - 110-120v/50-60hz
Removable Reservoir Power - 1350 watts
Vibration pump Waterline connection - 3/8th in BSPP


If you have any questions on this or another machine, please contact us by clicking here, and a Pasquini Coffee Co. solutions expert will assist you with your new machine adventure! 

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