Bezzera/Pasquini Group Gasket


Bezzera/Pasquini Group Gasket

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This gasket permanently replaces the previous conical shaped or Beveled gasket (7493016) and fits all Pasquini Livia G4, Bezzera, and most Livia 90 machines.* Recommended for all Bezzera and Pasquini Livia machines that are 5 years or newer. If your a machine is 5+ years of age, you should purchase 1-2 shims (402274000). As you use your machine, the tabs on the portafilter and groove on the grouphead wear down and become thinner. This wear will cause a portafilter to feel loose even with a new gasket, adding a shim will compensate for this wear and tear and bring the portafilter back to a normal tightened feel. 

*all Livia 90 machines with a serial number of 24222 or lower are NOT compatible with this gasket. Serial numbers that start with LA or LS are compatible with the new style gasket.  If your serial number is below 24222 please click the link below for ordering compatible item.

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