Bezzera/Pasquini Group Gasket


Bezzera/Pasquini Group Gasket

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Stainless Steel


This gasket permanently replaces the previous conical shaped gasket (7493016) and fits all Pasquini Livia G4, Bezzera, and Livia 90 machines.* Recommended for all Bezzera and Pasquini Livia machines that are 5 years or newer. If your a machine is 5+ years of age, you should purchase 1-2 shims (402274000). As you use your machine, the tabs on the portafilter and groove on the grouphead wear down and become thinner. This wear will cause a portafilter to feel loose even with a new gasket, adding a shim will compensate for this wear and tear and bring the portafilter back to a normal tightened feel. 

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