Complete Reservoir w/ Check Valve


Complete Reservoir w/ Check Valve

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Complete reservoir with check valve and terminals*. Comes pre-assembled from Pasquini Coffee Co.  Fits most machines listed below:

Made up of the following part numbers: 7374002, 5302065, 7496073.01, 5471521.01, 5471509, 5224617, 7373006.03, and 7496076

Pasquini Livia 90

Bezzera Magica

Bezzera Mitica

Bezzera Matrix

Bezzera Duo

Bezzera Strega

*Important: If your machine has a wire connected to the the left side of the reservoir, you will need to remove the existing wire connector and attach it to the new reservoir as the new tanks do not come with the wire connector for use with older machines. 

Some machines listed above have multiple variants that may or may not be compatible with the part listed.

If you are unsure on a parts compatibility with your machine, click here to e-mail a Pasquini solutions expert!

For best assistance, include the Make, Model, and Serial Number if possible.