M26 TE Compact

M26 TE Compact
M26 TE Compact

M26 TE Compact

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For when your biggest budget is space, the Cimbali M26 Compact delivers all the performance of a full size 2 group commercial machine but comes in at under 2 feet wide. The M26 Compact features dual steam wands, dual brew groups, an internal pump, and enough height for a 16oz to-go cup. 

Key Features

  • NSF Certification

    The La Cimbali M26 Compact is fully NSF, ETL, MET, and UL certified for use in commercial environments.

  • Compact Form Factor

    The M26 Compact comes in at just under 2 feet wide which is up to 8 in narrower than common 2 group full size machines.

  • Turbo Steam

    The Cimbali M26 Compact comes with one Turbo Steam wand in addition to the one manual steam wand. The Turbo Steam wand allows for two customizable foam settings that allow independent control for both milk texture and temperature. The Turbo Steam system is perfect for those that might not have time to train a barista but want constant quality for every cup. 

  • To-go Cup Ready

    All M26 Compact models come in tall cup configuration for use with 16oz paper to-go cups and include a pull out shelf for those serving in traditional glassware.

  • Thermo-Drive

    The Cimbali M26 TE Compact is equipped with La Cimbali's thermodrive technology. This allows each grouphead to have an individually set temp for a thermal stability that is unmatched by any other conventional HX machine.

  • Volumetric Programming

    Using commercial grade flowmeters, the M26 Compact allows for 4 customizable shot settings per grouphead along with a manual override button for those that still wish to have total control over each shot.


Specs  M26 TE 1 Group TS M26 TE Compact 2 Group TS
Height  23.5in  23.5in
Width 17.7in
Depth  20.8in
Weight 106lbs
Voltage 120v
Power 1700 Watts 1700 Watts
Boiler Size 5 Liters 5 Liters
Water Line 3/8ths BSP Female (6ft long) 3/8ths BSP Female (6ft long)
Drain Line Size
3/4in ID Tube (6ft long) 3/4in ID Tube (6ft Long)