Purity C Quell ST


Purity C Quell ST

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The Purity C Quell ST from Vivreau is the perfect home or commercial water filtration solution for your espresso and coffee needs (it makes for excellent drinking water as well!).  With its 4 stage filtration system, the Purity C Quell ST removes harmful water hardness to prevent limescale and calcium build up, removes chlorine and other foul smells/odors, and traps/neutralizes metal ions such as lead and copper. 


  • Full NSF certification

  • 4 stage water filtration system

    • 1 - Pre-Filtration for coarse particles

    • 2 - Carbonate hardness reductions for limescale prevention

    • 3 - Activated carbon filtration for removal or foul tastes and odors

    • 4 - Fine filtration for removing small particles from the water

  • Temperature range - 39.2°F - 86°F

  • Max Operating Pressure - 8.9 bar (129 psi)

  • Nominal flow (pressure loss at nominal flow)

    • C50/C150/C300 - 15.85 gallons/hour

    • C500/C1100 - 26.42 gallons/hour

  • All cartridge sizes will fit the exact same Purity C Filter Head so you can effortlessly switch between filter sizes to fit your needs. 


    Avg. Filter Capacity (assumes 40% bypass)

    Height w/ Purity Filter Head



    254 Gallons (960 Liters)

    10.55 in

    4.69 in 


    636 Gallons (2,408 Liters)

    16.5 in

    4.69 in


    1057 Gallons (4,000 Liters)

    18.35 in 

    4.92 in 


    1796 Gallons (6,800 Liters)

    21.93 in 

    5.67 in 


    3038 Gallons (11,500 Liters)

    21.93 in 

    7.24 in 


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