BIT Renato 90+ Precision Filter Basket

SKU: 8806150
BIT Renato 90+ Precision Filter Basket
BIT Renato 90+ Precision Filter Basket

BIT Renato 90+ Precision Filter Basket

SKU: 8806150
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Single shot espresso drinkers rejoice! The Renato 90+ is specifically designed for light roast, high grown, specialty coffees. Created by Sauro Dall’Aglio, Italian Cup Tasters Championship winner, the Renato 90+ brings the extraction enhancements of the Renato line to those that prefer smaller more traditional Italian style cappuccinos and ristretto beverages. Manufactured by IMS, the stainless steel and electropolished baskets are engineered to enhance sweetness and brightness while reducing bitterness and leading to a cleaner mouthfeel in cup. 

BIT Tamper 

Designed specifically for BoB and Renato filter baskets, the BIT tamper features a unique tapered edge that is machined to match the sidewalls of the BoB and Renato baskets. This system integration further enhances the functionality of the BoB and Renato baskets by ensuring a even and level tamp. 

*BoB and Renato Filter baskets are compatible with all 58mm tampers and do not need to be used with a BIT tamper


  • Specifically designed for specialty coffee
  • Stepped center design reduces channeling and increases extraction
  • Electropolished surface reduces water tensions allow for a more even and smoother flow of water through the espresso puck
  • Increased sweetness and brightness
  • 58mm basket diameter
  • Up to 13g of ground espresso (actual capacity varies with grind size and roast level)
  • 293 hole count
  • Made in Italy 
  • Stainless Steel

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