Vivreau Temporary Hardness Test Kit

SKU: 2640017
Vivreau Temporary Hardness Test Kit
Vivreau Temporary Hardness Test Kit
Vivreau Temporary Hardness Test Kit

Vivreau Temporary Hardness Test Kit

SKU: 2640017
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This temporary water hardness test kit from Vivreau is designed to test the concentration of calcium carbonate in your water supply. This test is perfect for any espresso machine with brass or copper boilers and will tell you if the water tested is safe to use with your espresso machine. 

Stainless Steel

While this test is all you need for machines with copper or brass boilers, you will also need the Vivreau Complete Water Test Kit if your machine has a stainless steel boiler.


  • 1 x Dropper of testing solution
  • 1 x Measured Beaker 
  • 1 x Conversion Chart

Instructions (product images contain instructions) 

  1. Fill beaker to 5ml with water you wish to test. (Rinse and dry beaker before each test to ensure no contaminants are present from other water sources)
  2. Add 1 x drop of testing solution and swirl around. Water should turn light purple.
  3. If water turns yellow on the first drop and does not turn purple, then the water is soft and has a calcium carbonate level of under 17.85ppm. 
  4. If your water turned purple after the first drop, continue to add 1 x drop of testing solution at a time and swirl for 2-3 seconds in-between each drop. 
  5. Water will eventually turn from purple to yellow. 
  6. Count the number of drops, including the first drop, it took to turn the water yellow. Multiply the total number of drops by 17.85. 
  7. This number is your calcium carbonate level. (e.g. 5 drops = 89.25ppm calcium carbonate)

Pasquini Coffee Co. recommends water with under 50ppm of calcium carbonate to be safe for use with espresso machines. If you completed the above test and your water is above 50ppm then a water system like the Vivreau Purity C Quell ST or BWT Bestsave S should be used to reduce the calcium carbonate to below 50ppm. 

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