XtraSafe C1100

SKU: 2640020
XtraSafe C1100
XtraSafe C1100
XtraSafe C1100

XtraSafe C1100

SKU: 2640020
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The Vivreau Purity C1100 XtraSafe is the ideal filter for chloride reduction to protect machines with delicate stainless steel boilers. The Vivreau Purity C1100 XtraSafe is able to safely remove high levels of chlorides without having to use a complicated and wasteful R/O system. Using a 5 stage anion filtration system, the XtraSafe can remove chlorides from the water, along with other contaminates such as calcium carbonate, gypsum, and sulphates to provide clean water that not only protects your machine but also improves the flavor of your coffee as well. 


  • Full NSF certification

  • 5 stage water filtration system

    1. Pre-Filtration
    2. Cation Reduction
    3. Anion Reduction
    4. Activated Carbon
    5. Fine Filtration
  • Water Intake Temp Range - 39.2°F - 86°F

  • Operating Pressure - 2.0 (29psi) - 8.9 bar (129 psi)

  • Nominal flow (pressure loss at nominal flow)

    • C500/C1100 - 26.42 gallons/hour

  • Upright Placement - Unlike the Purity C Quell ST, the Xtrasafe must be placed upright to function correctly. 
  • All cartridge sizes will fit the exact same Purity C Filter Head so you can effortlessly switch between filter sizes to fit your needs. 

Starter Kit

The starter kit filter package from Vivreau comes with all items listed below:


    Avg. Filter Capacity (40% bypass)

    Height w/ Head Unit



    350 gallons

    21.93 in 

    7.24 in 

    The Downsides of Reverse Osmosis

    Often times manufactures will recommend an R/O (Reverse Osmosis) system as it has long been the only option to remove high levels of chlorides from a water supply. With the XtraSafe, you can now achieve a superior water quality of R/O without all the downsides listed below:

    • R/O is extremely wasteful and produces 2 gallons of contaminated waste water for every gallon of freshwater.
    • R/O systems are expensive ($3000+ for quality units)
    • R/O systems are cumbersome and can take up 2-3 feet or more of cabinet space when accounting for an accumulator tank. 
    • R/O systems are complicated to maintain and often require quarterly service by a trained technician 
    • R/O systems require a dedicated drain for the excessive wastewater runoff. 

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