BIT Seattle Precision Shower Screen

BIT Seattle Precision Shower Screen

BIT Seattle Precision Shower Screen

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Designed by Italian Cup Tasters Championship, Sauro Dall’Aglio, and manufactured by IMS in Italy, the BIT Seattle showerscreen is designed to enhance the flavor of your espresso. By carefully machining small holes around the large blank center, the BIT Seattle forces water from the grouphead to become softer and greatly reduces channeling and hot spots in the espresso puck. This redirection of the water stream allows for a more gentle and natural extraction which enhances the sweetness and lightness of a coffee. 


  • La Marzocco
  • Slayer
  • Synesso

BIT Series

The BIT Seattle showerscreen is just one part of the BIT family of accessories and when used in conjunction with the BIT tamper and BIT Bob / BIT Renato filter baskets, your espresso will be able to reach its optimum flavor and expression.

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