B2016 DE

B2016 DE
B2016 DE
B2016 DE
B2016 DE
B2016 DE

B2016 DE

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Commercial espresso machines are custom orders and lead times vary.

This product requires professional installation and maintenance. Please contact our sales team for more information.


The ultimate workhorse machine, the Bezzera B2016 epitomizes ease of use, reliability, and consistency. The Bezzera B2016 has volumetric programming, insulated cold touch steam wands, on demand hot water, electronically heated grouphead, an internal rotary pump, and full stainless steel construction with a removable boiler plate for serviceability. All B2016's come in tall cup configuration for use with 16oz paper cups and include cup risers for use with espresso glassware.

Key Features

  • NSF Certfification

    The Bezzera B2016 is fully NSF, ETL, MET, and UL certified for use in commercial environments.

  • Electrnically Heated Groupheads

    With independent electric heaters for each grouphead, the B2016 maintains better thermal stability during espresso ectraction than comparable thermosiphon machines (such as E61 group machines).

  • To-go Cup Ready

    All Bezzera B2016 Models come in tall cup configuration for use with 16oz paper to-go cups and include cup risers for those serviing in traditional glassware.

  • Removable Boiler Cover

    Unlike all other machines at this price point, the B2016 is constructed with a removable boiler plate for easier service and better longevity. This design choice while more expensive to manufacture creates a machine with far better durability than those using cheaper welded boilers.

  • Insulated Steam Wands

    The Bezzera B2016 is equiped with insulated cold touch steam wands for increased safety and easier operation during a busy coffee service.

  • Volumetric Programming

    Using commercial grade flowmeters, the B2016 allows for 4 customizable shot settings per grouphead along with a manual overide button for those that still wish to have total control over each shot.


Specs  B2016 2 GR DE B2016 3 GR DE
Height  20.27in (515mm) 20.27in (515mm)
Width 29.52in (750mm) 37.79in (960mm)
Depth  21.65 (550mm) 21.65 (550mm)
Weight 119lbs (54kg) 165lbs (75kg)
Voltage 220v (50/60Hz) 220v (50/60Hz)
Power 3000 Watts 5000 Watts
Boiler Size 11 Liters 17 Liters
Water Line 3/8ths BSP Female (6ft long) 3/8ths BSP Female (6ft long)
Drain Line Size
3/4in ID Tube (6ft long) 3/4in ID Tube (6ft Long)