Lucca A53 Direct Plumb

SKU: 1908351
Lucca A53 Direct Plumb
Lucca A53 Direct Plumb
Lucca A53 Direct Plumb
Lucca A53 Direct Plumb
Lucca A53 Direct Plumb
Lucca A53 Direct Plumb
Lucca A53 Direct Plumb

Lucca A53 Direct Plumb

SKU: 1908351
Sale price $2,595.00

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The La Spaziale Lucca A53 is a superb dual boiler machine made by one of the most reliable and storied brands in Italy. The Lucca A53 has a commercial rotary pump for direct water connection to ensure perfect 9 bar pressure. The rotary pump combined with the dual boiler system and volumetric programming lead to consistent shots every time. With your choice of black plastic or three gorgeous wood finishing kits, the Lucca A53 is sure to stand out on any coffee bar!

Key Features

  • Volumetric Programming

    With the use of a flowmeter, the Lucca A53 allows for multiple user customizable shot volumes along with full manual dosing when desired.

  • App Control (Auto On/Off Timer)

    Using the La Spaziale App, you can control key variables such as setting a daily on/off timer and even remotely powering on the machine so its always at the ready. 

  • PID Temperature Control

    The La Spaziale Lucca A53 has dual PID controlled temperatures settings for both the steam and coffee boiler to ensure you always get a perfect shot no matter the coffee type being used. 

  • Pre-Infusion

    By adjusting the incoming line pressure you can control the pre-infusion on the La Spaziale Lucca A53 to yield a richer and more developed shot compared to a straight 9 bar only extraction.  

  • Direct Water Line

    The Lucca A53 direct plumb has a commercial grade rotary pump ready for direct water connection. Pasquini recommends using the Vivreau Purity C Quell ST starter kit for this machine to protect it from calcium damage. (this unit does not have a water tank and is direct plumb only)

  • LA Spaziale 53mm Professional Basket 

    Unique to La Spaziale, their narrow but deep 53mm baskets produce a unique flavor profile that produces a richer and creamier shot than many 58mm baskets. 


  • Portafilter Size
  • Drain Tray Capacity
  • Steam Boiler Volume
  • Coffee Boiler Volume
  • Voltage
    110-120V @ 50-60Hz
  • Steam Boiler Power
  • Coffee Boiler Power
  • Current Draw
  • Height
  • Width
  • Depth
  • Weight

In the Box

  • Double Spouted rubber handle (or matching wood)* portafilter
  • Bottomless rubber handle portafilter
  • Pre-infusion chamber (pre-installed)
  • IMS 18g filter basket
  • IMS 20g filter basket
  • Backflush cleaning disk
  • Cleaning brush
  • Lucca 53mm stainless steel tamper
  • Water softening pouch 
  • 20amp to 15amp 110v plug converter
  • *If you select a wood finish, the portafilters will match the machine wood choice.

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