Pre-Loved Livia 90 MN


Pre-Loved Livia 90 MN

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The espresso machine that started it all, the revolutionary Livia 90! First released in 1990, this machine changed the market by utilizing a commercial sized grouphead on a home espresso machine, bringing the true taste and beauty of espresso making to your counter top.

Still an amazing choice, decades later. Pasquini offers newer modeled Livia 90s as Certified Refurbished units. All refurbished machines are completely rebuilt by Pasquini Coffee Co. and come with a 1 year warranty. Refurbished machines are all used and will have minor cosmetic blemishes since they have been in a residential setting prior, they will be free of major dents/scratches. If you would like a photograph of the machine prior to purchase please click the contact link below. 

All refurbished machines come with the following accessory kit: Double Portafilter Complete, Single Basket, Blind Disk, Plastic Tamper, and BWT BestSave S. 

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