Purity C1000 AC

SKU: 2640028
Purity C1000 AC

Purity C1000 AC

SKU: 2640028
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The Purity C1000 AC from Vivreau is the perfect solution for better tasting water for any drinking application or those looking for cleaner and clearer ice for an ice maker. The activated carbon block plus fine particulate filter remove chlorine, unpleasant aromas, and cloudiness from water to provide a clean and refreshing water supply. 

The Vivreau C1000 AC also makes a great pre-filter for the Vivreau Purity C Quell ST system to enhance the flavor and clarity of the water 


  • Always set Purity C Filter Head to 0% bypass when using the C1000 AC. 
  • Full NSF certification

  • 2 stage water filtration system

    • 1 - Pre-Filtration for coarse particles

    • 2 - Activated carbon filtration w/ fine membrane to remove particulates that cause negative taste and aromas. 

  • Removes chlorine and particulates that cause foul taste and odors down to 0,5μm (in accordance to NSF 42 standard).
  • Temperature range - 39.2°F - 86°F

  • Max Operating Pressure - 8.9 bar (129 psi)

  • Nominal flow (pressure loss at nominal flow)

    • 36.99 US gallons/h

  • Cartridge fits the Purity C Filter Head (sold separately).


    Filter Capacity (0% bypass)

    Height w/ Head Unit


    C1000 AC 

    2641 Gallons (10,000 Liters)

    9.37 in

    4.29 in 


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