Crema Bar

SKU: 3770000
Crema Bar

Crema Bar

SKU: 3770000
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The Pasquini Crema Bar is our take on the traditional Italian espresso. Formulated to replicate our families favorite cafe's from Italy, the Pasquini Crema bar delivers an amazing espresso with a deliciously thick crema and the perfect balance of bold and sweet.

Flavor/Roast Profile

  • Tasting Notes

    Rich chocolatey sensations

    Subtle fruit flavors with a low acidity

    Extraordinarily thick crema

    Bold mouthfeel and a thick body

    Warming spice notes

  • Arabica / Robusta Mix

    30% Arabica

    70% Robusta

  • Roast Level

    Medium, Italian Style

  • Caffeine Level

    High caffeine (4/5)

  • Recommended Brew Temp



  • Bag Size
  • Packaging Method
    Nitrogen Flush
  • Coffee Type
    Whole Bean